4 thoughts on “Wild Rose

  1. susan

    Hi. I am going to attempt this beautiful pattern Wild Rose for a guild swap. I’ve enlarged to the size I need. I appreciate that you do not offer directions. Can you simply inDicate what method you used? Did you create this in “crazy” style freeform as you went or did you use paper piecing or did you cut out marked pattern pieces for every piece? Then I will know how to approach this challenge!

  2. Char

    I completed one in a class. We were instructed to use a 13” square of any fabric then sew five sides to the center piece that had been placed on its backing. Adding wonky strips in prethought colors no sewing past the inner edge. I hope this Ellsworth. Also , remember to encode with green wonky strips. When done with this part turn over and trim to the original backings size. Important to have the best finish press each sewn wonky strip down front fabric ironed flat before adding newest wonky strip.


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