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    it doesn’t have to be an all consuming intricate pattern,does it?? simplicity always wins out. I love this for someone new to any sewing at 66,I am daunted by the mathematical shapes some insist we learn to be ” proper ” sewing people.encourages one to keep going. thank you.please keep putting up this sort of work.there are many,many my age just getting started and we NEED someone like you who ” does not follow sew etiquette rules ” I do that with gardening.don’t bombard them with genus names,common names to spark the fire. Jan. from Brisbane. Australia.

    1. Janice Stoke

      Reply to Jan Hulse…..I loved your comments. Wish you could come to my quilt “circle”. Wonderful group of (mainly) women who love to sew and quilt. Also very generous with their time and knowledge if someone needs help.

      Remember this saying: Finished is better than perfect.

      Enjoy your sewing,
      Janice Stokes


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